Mind is an event communication agency with creative and functional ideas. Passionate about our business and remain excited, we love new challenges, support our customers to great adventures.

We believe in the convergence of new talents and personalities that bring creative skills and ideas unusual. We work with the artists and the most relevant for your creative project.

Mind develop a strategy with you determine the most appropriate management and effective ways to organize your event.

We like the idea of having always one step ahead, be visionary and daring to assert our ideas. We aim to create scenes tomorrow, events and concepts that mark our time. As valuable as it is, leave an heritage.

Creators of intelligent solutions, we imagine your communication differently.



Because we understand that your time is valuable, we have bright ideas and expertise of 15 years in this business. Because there is a common sensibility, which includes your values and identifying the most appropriate way to convey your messages.

Because it is above all a human adventure.